beautiful weather for an air raid

Based on personal experience and the writing of Haruki Murakami, Beautiful Weather is a densely physical inquiry of the body's intangible and kinesthetic response to grief and grace. Hyperaware of the imagination's ability to conjure what is not there, resolve the illogical, and sweeten what is harsh; performers engage in a billowing world that is raw and determined, yet luscious and exposed.


PERFORMERS: Sydnie Liggett, Emma Judkins, Laurel Snyder, Megan Bascom, and Christina Jane Robson

MUSIC: thisquietarmy, PJ Harvey, the Liars, Sun Hammer, Animal Collective, Antony & the Johnsons, The Eternal Twilight, subnaught

PRESS: “Ms. Portier’s skillful, off-kilter choreography had her dancers buffeted about by winds or tides... rough partnering suddenly turned playful... she did the essential thing: she created a world.” -New York Times


Dance New Amsterdam. New York, NY. 2012

WiredArts Fest at the Secret Theatre. New York, NY. 2013

Center for Performing Research. Brooklyn, NY. 2013