SUNY BROKPORT (NY). Commission and master class. Fall 2016

ZENON DANCE COMPANY (MN). Commission and master class. May 2016

SASHA PETERSON (CT). Connecticut College Senior Solo Commission  "Speeches for Storms". Spring 2016

ACDA at WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY (MI). Master class and panelist. Spring 2016

SUNY BROCKPORT (NY). Summer Intensive Guest Artist. Summer 2015

COLBY COLLEGE (ME). Master class. Spring 2015

DANCE EDUCATION LABORATORY. 92nd Street Y (NY). Spring 2015

UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO (NY).  Commission "Etiquette for Upright". Winter 2015

BARNARD COLLEGE (NY). Master class. Summer 2014

DUETS PROJECT (NY). Commission for Elisha T. Clark and Anne Burnidge "Politics of Be Nice". Summer 2014

AMALGAMATE DANCE (NY). Panelist. Spring 2014

TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (NY). Commission "Harm of Will" and master class. Spring 2014

JACHEN MACKNER (WA). Seattle University Senior Solo Commission "Source". Winter 2014

PLAYGROUND (NY). Master class. Fall 2013

WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY (CT). Master class series. Fall 2013

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (OH). Master class. Fall 2013

DANCE NEW AMSTERDAM (NY). Faculty. 2009-2013

DANCEWAVE (NY). Summer Intensive master class. Summer 2013

AMALGAMATE DANCE (NY). Panelist. Summer 2013

BATES DANCE FESTIVAL (ME). Young Dancers Workshop Faculty. Summer 2013

DANCE NEW AMSTERDAM (NY). Performance Projects Commission "Fastest Point from A to B is Confusing". Summer 2013

UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT LINCOLN (NE). Commission "Icarus Drowned Whilst Flying" and master classes. Spring 2013

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY (MI). Commission "10 For A Bird You Don’t Want to Miss", master class, and composition class. Fall 2013

NEW YORK SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVE (NY). Commission "Early For What Has Yet to Have Already Happened" and technique class. Summer 2012

DANCE NEW AMSTERDAM (NY). Performance Projects Commission "A Second, Now, Feels Longer". Summer 2012

THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (UT). Commission "Am Only for Your Very Space" and technique class. Spring 2012

PLAYGROUND (NY). Master class. Spring 2012

MORGAN GRIFFIN (CT). Connecticut College Senior Solo Commission  "Third and Last Chance for the Bronze". Spring 2012

COLBY COLLEGE (ME). Master class. Fall 2012

BATES COLLEGE (ME). Commission "Beautiful Weather for an Air Raid" and master class. Fall 2011

NEW YORK SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVE (NY). Commission "Murakami (Page 1)" and technique class. Summer 2011

DANCE NEW AMSTERDAM (NY). Performance Projects Commission "This Moth Has Its Flame". Summer 2011


SALEM UNIVERSITY (MA). Master class. Spring 2011

nEW Festival (PA). Master class. Fall 2011

HARKNESS CHOREOGRAPHER IN RESIDENCE at HUNTER COLLEGE (NY). Commission "Truth for Details". Spring 2011

PENNSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY (PA). Master class. Winter 2008