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Context is everything for color...

Currently, a duet that is becoming a quartet becoming a sextet, image/vid to come.

Working Bibliography, here.

Color invites. It asks you to come inside and be submerged in layers of memory and varied associations. Color appears to bleed beyond the object thought to contain it; reflecting off of every surface all the time. It is flooding the world. My current project, Burnish, investigates Color and abstracts empathy and absence from the vibrational energy that comprises color.

  • Magenta-intoxication and moving without line
  • Tightly knit spatial patterns that release into full-bodied smatterings
  • Compositional layers derived from hue and saturation 
  • Modulate weight into explosions of wet fireworks
  • Animate the tension between an electric spine and a luscious use of the pelvis
  • Vibratory methods of moving and attending to other bodies Residual frequencies crafted into pulsating, elliptical, energy-scapes of movement 

First premiere, as thesis work, at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (IL), March 1-3, 2018.