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Context is everything for color...

Currently, a duet that is becoming a quartet becoming a sextet, image/vid to come.

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Working Abstract: 

Magenta explores choreography and pedagogy through the hues of magenta light. Drawing from theories of color perception (Noë, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein), theories of color (Goethe, Munsell), use of color (Grosse, Stuart, Solis, Turrell) and somatic energy fields, magenta becomes phenomenological, physical, and biological. Unlike other colors, magenta is not associated with a (physical) wavelength and thus, technically, does not exist. Yet, magenta is perceived and experienced. I seek this research as a means to articulate some of the phenomena I witness in (my) choreographic and pedagogical practice(s), and as a corporeal lens for the charged space between social and choreographed bodies. This is where I find a bodily politic of deep listening, even though it might seem subterranean. Magenta has conjured questions around fazing, absence, saturation, empathy and the desire to release femininity from gender and sanction- to reclaim and redefine femininity for myself.