Burnish  (Studio 1, March 2018), photo by Natalie Fiol

Burnish (Studio 1, March 2018), photo by Natalie Fiol

Burnish (Magenta #2-5): Building and Making

In the early stages- transposing, modulating, and carving COLOR research into phsyical form. So far, there's vibration and qualitative rhythms that are concise and surprisingly expressive. This is a group work for 6.5 performers. There are theories of color, theories of absence and afterimage, and theories of shifting perspective by abstracting personal events.

Showings and Open Rehearsals coming soon. [Working Bib, here].


Burnish (Magenta #1): Thesis at UIUC

Thesis and ongoing research:

Through abstract considerations of color theory and design, six dancers weave distinctly charged movement frequencies into an ever-shifting elliptical landscape. From start to finish, finely crafted patterns of nuanced physicality pulsate through space with evocative complexity, leaving the audience bathed in a residual kinesthetic watercolor of saturation, tone, line, and vibration.  

#Just happened: First sketch performed at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (IL), Studio 1 Theater March 1-3, 2018.

UIUC cast: Leah Wilks, Mary Kate Ford, Lindsey Jennings, Kaitlin Fox, Alexis Miller, Natalie Stehly, and guest Phoebe Ballard.

Lighting by Alena Samoray

Featuring sound, used with educational permissions, by Stephen Vitiello.

#Next: Will (re)enter rehearsal process Summer 2018 with projected premiere of evening-length version Fall 2019.

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