BURNISH: Magenta #08 (work-in-process)

Monday, June 10 at 7:30p // Jack Crystal Theater (5th Floor) Tisch Dance // 111 Second Avenue (NYC)

Join BAND for their newest work, "Burnish: Magenta #08" (in-progress), & become part of the process. This performance features Anna Adams Stark, Jasmine Hearn, Laurel Snyder, Marion Spencer, Candace Scarborough, Kendra Portier (in for Kaitlin Fox), and early lighting-sketches by Chris Brusberg. Stay for a post-performance Artist Talk moderated by the brilliant Maura Keefe. 

Reserve (FREE) Tickets Online /// Visit: https://bandportier.brownpapertickets.com/

An exploration of Color, six performers source the phenomenon of magenta into expressive rhythms, vibration, and maniacally complex spatial patterns. Sounds of deep brass, percussion, porcelain cracking, and embers singeing fill the space. Color concepts, such as saturation + afterimage, become metaphors for emotion and absence. Haunting and boldly femme, "Burnish" transforms abstraction into a piercingly poetic dance work.

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