I trust dance as a revelatory vehicle for being and becoming.

I am obsessed with the expansive and poetic potential of the moving body. The dances I make meld discovery and expression into live performance experiences. The work is messy, methodical, personal, conceptual, otherworldly, odd, and human. For me, making dance is beautifully alchemical and frustratingly vulnerable. Each process is an attempt to make sense of the world, and myself in it; a visceral reckoning in dance form.

I am haunted by basic human themes and attracted to concepts often considered metaphysical or arcane. This leads me to explore concepts, such as Color Theory, familial trauma, sensorium, the physics and psychics of magenta, absence, and smog. Movement vacillates from rigorous banalities, like overdone hugs and excessive flapping, to wild off-kiltering that has the performers skillfully plummeting and spiraling through space. Design elements are in an evocative partnership with the movement-  a moment of stillness appears to flutter under a forest of hot pink neon lights or a touch becomes the sound of an egg cracking.

Doing this work requires me to thwart habit, unsettle any fixed aesthetic, and reconsider my philosophies. I work with artists, diverse in their training, history, body, and philosophy. I do this to enrich the work, myself, and the communal practices I promote in and beyond the studio. Our work is meant to be shared - experienced and tested together; a cyclical endeavor from studio, page, performance, and every day.



Kendra Portier is a NYC-based dance artist - a teacher, performer, and maker. The projects she takes on are primarily dance works, that draw from her visual art practice and involve various threads of transdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. Her work, housed under the moniker BAND (BAND|portier, BAND|kp), has been presented and supported nationally, including DanceNow (NYC), Art for the People (NJ), Dance New Amsterdam (NY), NYS DanceForce (NY), Dixon Place (NY), Gowanus Arts+Production (NY), CRAWL / the People Movers (NY), Tisch Summer Dance (NY), Zenon Dance Company (MN), Bates Dance Festival (ME), and the Clarice Performing Arts Center in partnership with the University of Maryland. She was awarded the Harkness Choreographer in Residence 2012 (NYC), Bates Dance Festival Emerging Choreographer Award 2013 (ME), Mary Elizabeth Hamstrong Award 2016 (IL), the Wanda M. Nettl Prize for Choreography 2018 (IL), and a New Innovation Seed Grant 2019 (MD). Kendra has an extensive teaching roster with numerous guest artist and faculty positions, spanning NYC communities to universities and festivals across the globe. She has performed in a range of works with decade-long tenures with Vanessa Justice Dance and David Dorfman Dance. Originally from Ohio, Portier trained at BalletMet, received a BFA with Honors in Dance from the Ohio State University and an MFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Currently, she is the Artist in Residence at the University of Maryland.


Founded 2012, New York City: Dance works by Kendra Portier and a magnificant BAND of prolific beings:

Candace Scarborough, Kaitlin Fox, Marion Spencer, Anna Adams Stark, Laurel Snyder, Jasmine Hearn,

PAST: Edward Rice, Simon Thomas Train, Aya Wilson, Sydnie Liggett, Christina Jane Robson,  Molly McSherry, Katie Stehura, Sara Gibbons, Emma Judkins, Tristan Koepke, Patrick McGrath Needham, Maryanne Lachman, Meg Madorin, Dante Brown, Marcos Duran, Rebecca Lubart, Megan Adele Bascom, Meghan Frederick, Morgan Griffen, Theresa Elwell, Madeline Wilcox, Courtney Drasner, Jenna Reigel, Annie Kloppenberg, Michael Ingle, Leah Wilks, Kaitlin Fox, Alexis Miller, Phoebe Ballard, Lindsey Jennings, Mary Kate Ford, Natalie Stehly, Marion Spencer, Candace Scarborough, Sarah Beth Oppenheim.


Super-heroes Mike Wall\SoundFORmovement, Adam Crawley, and Albert Mathias, on COSTUMES we have had Casey Loomis and Delaney McDonough, and with endless support and PHOTOS we have Marisa Jane Gruneberg/Rockpaper Photography.