Class strives to stretch our movement capacities through guided improvisation, visceral imagery, and dynamic vocabulary. We will mobilize in and out of the floor, explore the qualitative + durational + rhythmic range(s), and challenge physical and creative endurance. Movement tends towards an athletic use of weight that is fueled by personal experience and a courageous generosity for self and others. We will dance via poetic physics with and without other bodies, and relish in the effort of cultivating our artistry.

HOSTING/BUILDING/Teaching Project(s)

The above description primarily refers to the pick-up style class I often teach. It is the kind of class that needs to make room for feeling feels, training, church, yoga, cardio, hobby, work, and effort. Class is expensive and our energy is valuable, which inspires me to remain responsive and do my best to keep up. I often like to consider this method of teaching as hosting; an opportunity to offer a variety of possibilities for the diverse needs of a professional training community.

I am in awe of the TEACHERS who have supported us and led us to now - providing dedicated and imaginative in-roads for our own training and learning. With this in mind, there are few 'teaching' projects on my mind to loudly honor these folks in Dance both through recognition and by foregrounding/deepening/developping pedagogoical art.