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Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost [Milan Kudera]. An Expressionist love-letter to NYC, HORSE investigates the containment of personal breakdown within the display of moving forward. Ambition and love serve as conceptual desires; as emblems of success and of failure; and as social behaviors that both entangle and liberate the performers.

PERFORMERS:Anna Adams Stark, Edward Rice, Aya Wilson, and Simon Thomas-Train/Patrick Needham

MUSIC:Mike Wall and Darren Morze, Johann Strauss II, Kendra Portier, with samples from Four Tet, Direwires, Murcof, Odd Nosdam

2013 Dixon Place (NYC), 2013 GAP Presents! BAND|portier (Brooklyn), 2015 One More We Go. Jack Crystal Theater, Tisch School of the Arts (NYC).

HORSE is made possible, in part, by Dixon Place, Arts for the People, Tisch Dance Residency, and Gowanus Art+Production.

For access to the full work request link and password, here. For a peak, excerpt-style, HERE.

East of the Sun: West (of the Moon)


Landing, falling, and orbiting reanimate images of prior work(s) and prior selves to piece together the distorted narrative of being and becoming.

PERFORMERS: Aya Wilson, Katie Stehura, and Sydnie Liggett

2015 CRAWL presents BANDportier at Gowanus Loft (Brooklyn), 2015 One More We Go, Tisch School of the Arts (NYC)

Made possible by CRAWL and Gowanus Loft March 2015 Residency, and Tisch Dance Space Residency 2015.

For access to the full work request link and password, here. For a quick-ole excerpts glance, HERE.

10 For a Bird (You Don't Want to Miss)

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.49.50 PM.png

Aimed at the discrepancy between language, time, and perception, 10 For a Bird explores  the (multiple)way an interaction feels.

PERFORMERS:Laurel Snyder, Simon Thomas-Train, Christina Jane Robson, Maryanna Lachman, Tristan Koepke, Dante Brown, Kendra Portier 

ADDITIONALLY PERFORMED BY:Jasmine Hearn, Sara Gibbons, Marcos Durant, Rebecca Lubart, and Emma Judkins

2013 Different Voices Concert, Schaeffer Theatre, Bates Dance Festival (ME), 2015 Excerpted Duet: I<3GDC (NYC) andTriskelion Arts (Brooklyn), 2015 One More We Go, Tisch School of the Arts (NYC)

10 FOR A BIRD was made possible, in part, by Bates Dance Festival and Tisch Dance Residency.

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2015-12-15 at 4.03.48 PM.png

The idea that identity can be manufactured as a response to the world is the source of this ongoing solo practice. By excavating and extracting aspects of (my)self, I create character studies and distill them into qualitative rhythms, carefully clipped and pasted together. The result is a non-linear autobiography that is in equal parts a reverie and confrontation with the ability and necessity of code-shifting.

PERFORMER: Kendra Portier

MUSIC: Mike Wall and Kendra Portier

2011 Salem University (MA), 2013 RoofTop Dance (Brooklyn), 2013 Dancing Literate Projectby Summation Dance at Judson Memorial Church (NYC), 2014 Gowanus Arts+ Production, GAP! Presents BAND|portier (Excerpt).

HOUND created in partial support from DanceNowNYC and residence at Bates College (ME).

Extra Season


A variation and exploration on unison: the performers work to be together in dynamic and nearly pyschic ways. With a constant desire to draw conclusions and to create meaning, the work explores performative agency within a group.

PERFORMERS:Meghan Frederick, Sydnie Liggett, Meg Madorin, Molly McSherry, Christina Jane Robson, and Laurel Snyder

EXTRA SEASON was commissioned by Gowanus Art+Production, and was additionally supported by DanceNowNYC

2014 Gowanus Arts+Production’s Green Building. Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful Weather for an Air Raid


Based on personal experience and the writing of Haruki Murakami, Beautiful Weather is a densely physical inquiry of the body's intangible and kinesthetic response to grief and grace. Hyperaware of the imagination's ability to conjure what is not there, resolve the illogical, and sweeten what is harsh; performers engage in a billowing world that is raw and determined, yet luscious and exposed

PERFORMERS: Sydnie Liggett, Emma Judkins, Laurel Snyder, Megan Bascom, and Christina Jane Robson

2012 Commissioned by Dance New Amsterdam (NYC), 2013 WiredArts Fest at the Secret Theatre (NYC), 2013 Center for Performing Research (Brooklyn).

Ms. Portier’s skillful, off-kilter choreography had her dancers buffeted about by winds or tides... rough partnering suddenly turned playful... she did the essential thing: she created a world. -New York Times

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